Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mocking Matilde

 Pattern: Matilde Blouse

Made: April 2013

Fabric: Old cotton bed sheets.

 What I learnt:  This is just a mock up piece of a pattern created by Sewing Bee contestant Tilly (Her blog is fab!)
The blouse was so much easier to make than I thought it would be. After putting the pattern together and deciding upon the size I needed, I mocked it up. I couldn't decide if I wanted the puffy sleeve or not as it isn't something I would normally go for. I even looked at all the other Matilde blouses on Pinterest to see how theirs had turned out to help me decide. As a mock up, I decided to make the sleeve on one side to get an idea of it. I loved the pattern.I also got to practice button holes again as I haven't done them since December time.

Pro's: Easier to make than it looks. Extra details like the sleeves, pin tucks and buttons are great little features. The yoke panel at the front is a first for me, and by chance in the mock up I ran out of fabric and had use a different coloured scrap piece and the contrast looks great - a great inspiration for the proper piece I hope. The pattern is adaptable to the makers imagination which is why I hope I shall make many of these when I eventually get around to making my first one!

Con's: I can't find fabric that I want to use! How lightweight do I want it? 
  Worn: Only for fitting. 
Tilly had a great step by step guide to making her top as well as other useful guides and FAQ's. Worth a look for a newbie sewer or to top up your knowledge.tilly and the buttons

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