Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gathered Black Skirt

 Pattern: Starting point McCalls 4521.

Made: Autumn 2012

Fabric: Cotton from Fabric Land

 What I learnt: Creating a gathered waist for a waistband taken from McCalls 4521 pattern. I added a zip in the back but I created the back with only one piece of fabric creating a gathering of fabric at the bottom of the zip! I learnt how to gather - a time consuming but great technique. 

Pro's: Very easy pattern with lots of tutorials on how to make a gathered skirt online.

Con's: There are a few imperfections which I can make neater on future projects. The back panel should have been up of two pieces not one, which created a nasty gather at the zip. Too much haste.
Worn: I have worn this on many occasions to work with a tank top or t shirt.

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