Saturday, 27 July 2013

Floral Elasticated

Pattern: Self Created

Made: Summer 2012
Fabric: Cotton from Fabric Land
 What I learnt: As a first piece of skirt dress making and using elastic it was a long learning curve. I followed an online pattern tutorial which included adding pockets - something I knew I would want to know! The online tutorial was easy enough but I think I will unpick it and reshape it without the elastic. Elastic skirts which I have bought have a far nicer fitting.
Pro's: A very simple easy pattern and only a metre or so of fabric.
Con's: As a beginner, I should have taken more time and care to make sure that it was to a better standard. The fitting is not great and I haven't worn it out as I am not confident with the shaping on my body.

Worn: No. I probably won't wear it out. I intend to unpick it and change to a normal waistband rather than elasticated.

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