Friday, 11 May 2012

Patch Update - May

Updated photos from the patch project! If you saw a blog a few weeks ago, I found some inspiration for the project from the exhibition Quilt History 1700-2010.

These patches are from a quilt made in early 1800's and are backed with paper to help patch each part together. The processed is still used today for hand quilting, however what makes this old quilt unique is the use of everyday papers from around the house- bills and children's notes.

 I have taken this inspiration, and used it in the patch project so that people can add their stories and thoughts to their patches. I have gone through my collection of patches and started to construct then into hand quilted patches. This means the quilt at the end of this journey will be hand sewn, rather than machine quilting which is a lot quicker. I the aim is to get people to help sew the patches together during workshops, over a cup of tea, so we can take time to read patches and chat about the patches.

The Patch Project will also be looking to run workshops based on body image in the up coming weeks in Southampton and Birmingham. More will be blogged/tweeted when things are confirmed so do stay tuned.

Aside from the patches, I am receiving any stories about the loves,hates and/or experiences of your bodies. Tell others, and email me any stories or questions to

The Brief, which is available to download from

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