Sunday, 26 February 2012


I watched Gok Wan's Naked Truth this week, as mention by a friend, as it addressed key issues that our teenagers have to face: body image, bullying and not being 'normal'. The three-episode series was emotional,nearly crying on the first episode where young girls suffering with major anxieties in their attempts to be thin. 
 Paige was addicted to looking at websites that encouraged you to be thin -'Thinspiration'- and had lots of shocking images that had been overly photoshopped to give an appearence of ultra skinny. Her main hang up was that in all the pictures she scouted through on a daily basis, was the fact that none of the models' thighs touched and had no visible hips. Because of this, she was under the believe that she was fat. It is very shocking that a young girl, I think she was 15, truly believed she was too fat when she had such a petite body. She even photoshopped pictures of herself before putting them on Facebook as she was self-conscious of how she looked.

One of the images that Paige used as thinspiration.

 During the episode, Gok also met Brianna, a recovering anerexic despite still being 15. Her story was touching, a horrible addiction to pro-anorexia websites and talking to people online who encouraged bad eating habits. Gok took her to meet the wonderful people at Body Gossip to help her tell her story as part of their ongoing campaign. Watch the video below for her story.

Well done Gok and Body Gossip for their on going ambition to raise awareness in young people about a subject that just is not discussed in society, let alone in schools. Young people, male or female, have pressures around them that they must be 'perfect' and yet they are still developing. They must realise to love themselves as their body is on going changes for the whole of their lives.

Watch more of their videos on their Youtube page here


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